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We are a full service five star adventure outfitter and custom vehicle builder.  We proudly host some of the best hunting in the lower 48 and build some of the most tricked out vehicles on the planet.  We can take you on the adventure of a lifetime or provide a custom truck or utv to fit your needs.  We offer Brush Trucks, Wildland Trucks, VIP Security Vehicles, Expedition Vehicles, Outfitting Vehicles etc. 


Our headquarters in south eastern Wyoming is approximately two hours north of Denver International Airport.  Our third generation family Farm/Ranch/Bird Farm consists of over 7,000 acres of crops, lush meadows and prairie pasture bordering a wildlife refuge reservoir.  Our production shop is a newly built 14,000 sq ft technology filled marvel, you need it we can build it! 


We offer a number of adventures here locally and out of state as well.  We also have access to a number of locations in Wyoming, Texas and Nebraska  

Our commitment to providing the best experience possible holds us second to none.  We can accommodate almost any caliber of hunting,sport shooting, outdoor adventure or vehicle.   

Our entire facility is five star, the lodge can sleep 10 +  We also have additional housing for large groups, pictures of the facility can be found below.