Every vehicle we outfit becomes a true one of a kind. We build on just about any platform out there.  Whether you need an all out professional grade vehicle or a few additions to your personal adventure rig, we can achieve whatever extent of a build you need!!







Custom Outfitting Rig

This Raptor has everything one could possibly need and then some.

  • Thermal Imaging 360 Degree Rotating Camera

  • 100 Watt Ground To Air Radios

  • 5 Watt Ground To Ground Radios

  • Full Suspension Build

  • Chromoly Cage

  • Truck Vault

  • 9 LED Light Cannons

  • 3 Rear LED Cubes

  • 25' Telescopic Mast 

    • Houses Imager for looking over all objects​ or perimeter lights

  • On Board Air Compressor

  • Pressurized Water Tank

  • Winches Front and Rear,

  • Game Winch

  • Custom Camo Pattern Wrap

  • Co2 Bottle with Air Tools

  • Interior Gun Racks

  • Roof Mounted Shooting Platform


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